Fri, March 25, 2011

Let’s Hear It for the (Good) Boy

Lieu of a review after my reread of Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott, I feel the need to sing this on the top of my lungs…

There’s so many bad boys out there in young adult fiction, so let’s take a moment to “hear it for the boy”…the GOOD boy.

With so many good books to read and so little time, why did I recently reread both Stealing Heaven (Elizabeth Scott) and Going Too Far (Jennifer Echols)? The good boys, duh. And these boys are the epitome of good boys…they’re cops. Who knew that could be attractive?

Let’s face it: The bad girl/good guy scenario in fiction doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and the bad-boy thing is beyond played out.

So many young adult main characters are girls, and so many of them futilely busy themselves trying to steal attention or reform a player. Well, what about the noble boys who are chasing the girl? Let’s show some love for the good boys, dammit!

I’ve pulled the comments out to the main post for everyone to see…please leave a note about your favorite fictional “good boy” below. Let me start it off…

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PS: If this had been a full review of Stealing Heaven, suffice it to say, I’d leave it at this:

PPS: A GChat convo on the subject as proof that bloggers sell books:

stealing heaven = one of my favorites
Ginger: oh geezus
me: like, i own it
you know i don’t own things
Ginger: ok.. * logging on to B&N RIGHT NOW *
me: it’s very similar to “going too far”
Ginger: oh geezus

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