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The Bridge from Me to You by Lisa Schroeder Review

The Bridge from Me to You book cover

The Bridge from Me to You book cover

The Bridge from Me to You
By Lisa Schroeder
Publication date: July 29, 2014
Point, 336 pages
Source: Publisher

Lauren has a secret. Colby has a problem. But when they find each other, everything falls into place.

Lauren is the new girl in town with a dark secret. Colby is the football hero with a dream of something more. In alternating chapters, they come together, fall apart, and build something stronger than either of them thought possible–something to truly believe in.

— description

What I love most about Lisa Schroeder’s books is how wonderfully READABLE they are. Her verse is beautifully written but not overwrought and I just seem to breeze through them.

The Bridge from Me to You was a wonderful book that kept me just enough in the dark about Lauren’s past to be intrigued but not annoyed. I loved Colby’s friendship with Benny and loved Lauren’s extended family — her aunt and uncle and cousins were all so sweet.

The romance was adorable — though Lauren and Colby have an instant attraction, they get to know each other as friends before they take it to the romantic level. It built and it grew until I was really rooting for them.

The character growth is definitely my favorite part of The Bridge from Me to You. Lauren and Colby learn to believe in themselves and follow their hearts in this story, and you can’t help but love that in a good YA. Definitely, definitely, recommended.

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  1. Jess @ Such A Novel Idea said:

    I’m definitely going to have to check this book out, because I didn’t realize it was verse.

    I just read Kiss of Broken Glass and LOVED that verse book, so I’ve actually been on the hunt for some more recently. Thanks!


    Posted on: Mon, August 4, 2014

  2. Michelle James said:

    I will definitely be checking this out. Sounds like a great pool-side book.


    Posted on: Mon, August 4, 2014

  3. Sue said:

    This looks good, I love books written in verse.


    Posted on: Mon, August 4, 2014

  4. Jennifer aka YA Book Nerd said:

    oh, I love her books


    Posted on: Mon, August 4, 2014

  5. Rachel Patrick said:

    I love Lisa’s books (though I have yet to read FALLING FOR YOU)! I need to get my hands on this one ASAP. I love her writing style, and this one sounds good! Woohoo that you liked it! Great review!


    Posted on: Mon, August 4, 2014

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