Thu, November 21, 2013

The Book Thief Movie Review

The Book Thief movie poster

This month, my book club read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, a book I have been meaning to read for-ev-errrrr. Basically, we all really enjoyed it — you can read about our discussion (I had to miss it due to bronchitis boooo) on Tara’s blog.

Earlier this week, a few of us girls went to see the movie…


(Those are my friends Tara and Katrina! Hi, guys!)

Have you seen the trailer?

I have to say that I loved it. I loved the book, too — its message, Papa, Rudy, EVERYTHING — and the movie was pretty true to the story, so I was happy. My only critique is that the actors looks a little too healthy and clean, but it’s a movie so what are you going to do?

Let me know if you saw it and what you thought? Or if you’ve read the book! I HIGHLY recommend it.


About The Book Thief
An international bestselling book, The Book Thief tells the story of an extraordinary, spirited young girl sent to live with a foster family in WWII Germany. Intrigued by the only book she brought with her, she begins collecting books as she finds them. With the help of her new parents and a secret guest under the stairs, she learns to read and creates a magical world that inspires them all.

The film adaption was released Nov. 15 starring Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson and Sophie Nélisse. Directed by Brian Percival, the Emmy-winning director of Downton Abbey.

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  1. Heidi @ YA Bibliophile said:

    My book club is DYING to see it but it still isn’t playing at the local theater! We’re hoping to go after Thanksgiving 🙂


    Posted on: Thu, November 21, 2013

  2. We Heart YA said:

    HAHA to “too clean and healthy.” Kind of like the folks in the Hunger Games films, no? But yeah, it’s Hollywood.

    Soooo glad to hear that you guys liked the movie and that it was fairly true to the book! We haven’t seen it yet but are eagerly looking forward to.


    Posted on: Thu, November 21, 2013

  3. alice-jane said:

    While I haven’t read the book (I really should get on that sometime soon), the trailer seems amazing. I love historical movies/stories and The Book Thief seems to fit the bill (plus, the story seems poignant.) I’m glad to hear that the movie was true to the story.


    Posted on: Thu, November 21, 2013

  4. Annie said:

    I’m so happy you enjoyed the movie too! I went to go see it and I really loved it! Thought the casting was great, especially for Rudy and Hans. I’m happy you liked the book too! The Book Thief has got to be one of my all-time favourites!!!


    Posted on: Thu, November 21, 2013

  5. Kamie said:

    I really think I am one of the only people on the planet who didn’t LOVE this book. There were parts I liked, (who doesn’t like a snarky grim reaper?) but the writing style was completely distracting to me. Too many nonsensical descriptions. I actually think I would like the movie better than the book for just that reason, the same story told in a different way.


    Posted on: Thu, November 21, 2013

  6. Kelly said:

    So glad you enjoyed it! I’ve been wanting to read the book for a while now and have been thinking of seeing the movie as well but I’d rather read the book first. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to read it soon!


    Posted on: Thu, November 21, 2013

  7. Haley Keller said:

    I’m so upset because I cannot find even one theater anywhere near where I live that’s showing it. It’s playing at a theater near my school but with finals and school breaks coming up, I won’t have time while I’m here to see it there. I think I’m going to have to wait for the DVD.


    Posted on: Thu, November 21, 2013

  8. Elin said:

    I like to read the book and watch the movie someday, have not done either.Many say that both the movie and the book is good, especially the book 🙂


    Posted on: Thu, November 21, 2013

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