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Bet Me Jennifer Crusie Book Review

Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie book cover

Bet Me
By Jennifer Crusie
Publication date: Aug. 2, 2011
St. Martin’s Griffin; Reprint edition, 448 pages
Source: Library
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Minerva Dobbs knows all about risk management, which is why it’s such a shock when David, her extremely logical choice for a boyfriend, dumps her three weeks before her perfect sister’s wedding: David was not supposed to be a wild card. So when Min overhears David make a bet with his old nemesis—the gorgeous and successful Calvin Morrisey—that Cal can’t get Min into bed in a month, she decides that fate has just handed her a stacked deck: she can make Cal sweat his sex appeal and get a date to the wedding, if she plays along and doesn’t fold. What follows is a novel of destiny, chaos theory, Krispy Kreme donuts, the spirit of Elvis, Chicken Marsala, and a gamble for the highest stake of all: true love.

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Well, I’m a grownup so I suppose it was about time. I picked up Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie because April from Good Books and Good Wine told me I’d love it. Did I?


Sometimes when I’m reading chick lit, I think to myself, “Anna, as a feminist you probably shouldn’t be liking this.” But then I just GIGGLE HYSTERICALLY at whatever I’m reading, shrug it off, and continue reading my fun book.

My favorite quote/section:

“Hey, I’m not the one who believes in the fairy tale,” Min said. “Or in chaos theory, for that matter.”

“Or the four-step program to love,” Liza said, jerking her head toward Cynthia, who was listening to Bonnie finish up the theory of fairy tale love.

“Right,” Min said. “That’s all garbage. You don’t need a theory, you just have to be practical, figure out what it is you want in a man, and then find one who has those things. Make a plan. Stick to it.” Her eyes went to Cal. “Don’t get distracted.”

Liza rolled her eyes. “Or you could just fall the fuck in love.”

So if you can do that too — if you just want to have FUN, for goodness’ sake — try Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie. I never understood when people called a book or a movie a “romp,” but I suppose you’d call this one of those. It’s just silly and there’s misunderstandings and romance…and it’s sort of like a Sandra Bullock movie. Sandy post-Speed and pre-The Blind Side. So actually maybe it’s more like a Reese Witherspoon movie.

And who doesn’t love America’s Sweethearts!?!? So check out Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie. The end. Thank you, April!

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  1. nea barabea said:

    I wanted to read this book since, well, Autumn I think 😛 I just love the title and the summary looks good! And your review is awesome! I think I’m gonna pick this book up soon! 🙂


    Posted on: Fri, April 6, 2012

  2. April books & Wine said:

    WHOOP WHOOP! This is legit awesome to read. And for reals? How could you not SWOON at Love Me Tender? MMMMhmmm.


    Posted on: Fri, April 6, 2012

  3. Rie @ Mission to Read said:

    I hadn’t heard of this one, but it sounds seriously fierce! That cover is so fun! Glad to the contents are as well!


    Posted on: Fri, April 6, 2012

  4. Jasmine Rose said:

    It totally looks like he’s continually checking her butt out in that last GIF 😛


    Posted on: Fri, April 6, 2012

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